People were recruiting Dr. David Claerbaut to coach when he was still in college.  His first experience was with a special school for boys who had been expelled from the public school system.

After a few years, Dr. David began teaching at the college level.  While at North Park University in Chicago, where he served as Athletic Director, the boys basketball team won the NCAA Division III national championship.

While at North Park, Dr. David began working with professional athletes on performance issues.  Because of his love for stats, he created a “Moneyball” system for NBA stats—even before “Moneyball” itself.  His book, The NBA Analyst, was nationally published in 1998.

He also wrote other books.  One of them, Recruiting Confidential: A Father, a Son, and Big-Time College Football, chronicles the experience of his son, James, who was recruited by 42 major colleges.

He went from college teaching to build an international consulting firm.  With each of his boys grown (all of whom played in college), Dr. David returned to his passion: Boys basketball coaching.  He looked for a team badly in need of a turnaround—a school in which he could make a difference.  He found one in Michigan.  It had gone 129-270 in its previous 20 years, never ever finishing above .500 in its conference.  Dr. David led the team to a conference championship in his first year, and then went undefeated in the conference the following season.

After moving to Las Vegas, Dr. David took a team there to the state title game in its first year in the state association.

Throughout his coaching, Dr. David focused on stat analysis, using his skills in that area to win games, both in coaching his own team, but also in scouting opponents.  From there, he developed StatVantage, wanting to bring “Moneyball” analytics to boys high school basketball and to empower coaches nationwide with state-of-the-art statistical advantages.

Dr. Claerbaut lives with his wife in Las Vegas.